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One of the Best Online Betting Site In India

Kheloyar app has swiftly become the preferred online platform for mobile gamers, boasting a diverse array of games catering to various interests. Kheloyar ensures there is something for everyone, Whether one craves strategic challenges or action-packed adventures they have it all. The user-friendly interface and intuitive design simplify navigation, elevating the overall gaming experience for all users.

Kheloyar – Types of Games

Kheloyar cricket

Distinguished as the premier betting platform for cricket enthusiasts in India, Kheloyar app cater specifically to cricket aficionados. Kheloyar cricket platform boasts a unique Cricketbook section, meticulously designed to provide exhaustive information on ongoing and upcoming matches. Placing bets is a seamless experience; simply explore the dedicated section on our website, where a wealth of match-related details, spanning domestic and international events, awaits. Our commitment to delivering a user-friendly and comprehensive cricket betting experience sets us apart, ensuring that enthusiasts can easily engage with the excitement of the sport on our platform.

Football Betting

Kheloyar app stands as a comprehensive sportsbook, covering major football tournaments such as the Champions League, World Cup, FIFA, and La Liga. The platform offers diverse soccer betting options, including totals, handicaps, and predicting outcomes and winners. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or new to gambling, our user-friendly interface is designed for effortless sports betting, providing a seamless experience that keeps you in tune with the excitement of the sport. Engage in the thrill of soccer betting on our platform, where you can navigate easily and enjoy a streamlined process, ensuring a seamless connection to the pulse of the game.

Kabaddi Betting

Explore the excitement of kabaddi betting at Kheloyar app! The platform has recently introduced this exhilarating sport for enthusiasts to wager on. Although the range of events may not be vast, you can still place bets on prominent kabaddi leagues such as the Pro Kabaddi League and the World Cup. Immerse yourself in the thrill of predicting kabaddi match outcomes and enjoy the dynamic nature of this unique betting experience on Kheloyar.

VolleyBall Betting

Explore your passion for volleyball with Kheloyar app download for android phones, a platform that embraces volleyball betting. Enjoy favorable odds and comprehensive coverage of major volleyball events, tailored for sports enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in a variety of betting options, testing your luck by predicting outcomes in significant volleyball championships. Take a shot at winning substantial cash prizes, elevating your excitement for the sport. Download Kheloyar apk to experience the thrill of volleyball betting and the potential for rewarding victories.

Table and Table Tennis Betting

Explore your passion for tennis and table tennis with Kheloyar app, a dedicated hub for volleyball betting. Enjoy favorable odds and comprehensive coverage of major volleyball events, tailored for sports enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in a diverse range of betting options and test your luck by predicting outcomes in prominent tennis and table tennis championships. Aim for the chance to win substantial cash prizes as you engage with the exciting world of volleyball betting on our platform.


Explore your esports passion with Kheloyar, featuring a wide array of tournaments and championships for betting enthusiasts. Dive into the worlds of Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and League of Legends, discovering diverse betting options in each tournament. From predicting winning teams to tallying eliminated characters and calculating points scored, multiple betting possibilities await you. Elevate your excitement as you watch your favorite teams compete, with the added thrill of standing a chance to win real money. Immerse yourself in the dynamic realm of esports with Kheloyar app download for android and turn your passion into thrilling betting experiences.


At Kheloyar app, a vast selection of slot, table, and diverse casino games awaits players, all sourced from various game providers. The platform stands out with its 24/7 dynamic live dealer section, prominently displayed on the homepage and tailored to Indian players. This Live Casino offers popular games like Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, Baccarat, Roulette, Texas Hold’em Poker, and Dream Catcher. With impeccable displays, top-notch software, and seamless video technology, Kheloyar apk download delivers immersive gaming experiences. The live dealer games ensure players access exceptional options, providing a diverse range to cater to individual preferences. Enjoy unparalleled entertainment with a variety of choices on this exciting gaming platform.

How to Register on Kheloyar?

Kheloyar app is a user mobile-friendly app, where you can enjoy wagering on different kinds of sports available on its platform. For Kheloyar register, all you need to do is –

  • Visit the official “Kheloyar: website or app.
  • There you’ll find the “Register” option.
  • Follow all the instructions given on the website to register.
  • This process will take less than 2 minutes.
How to Login on Kheloyar?
  • Visit the official login page on the website.
  • Submit your username and phone number.
  • Then you’ll receive a one-time password on your phone.
  • Enter the OTP received to login to your account.

Once logged in to your account, you can start enjoying sports and casino betting on your devices.


  • Easy to use UI & navigation.
  • Available in English & HIndi language.
  • Android and iOS app availability.
  • Supports Payment methods like UPI, Skrill, Bank transfer, Paytm, Phonepe, Gpay.


  • Easy to use UI & navigation.
  • Available in English & HIndi language.
  • Android and iOS app availability.
  • Supports Payment methods like UPI, Skrill, Bank transfer, Paytm, Phonepe, Gpay.
Download Kheloyar Apk
For Top Online Casino Games

Exploring every intricate detail of the game brings immense joy and gratification. Teen Patti, a card game aficionado’s delight, involves a standard deck of 52 cards, offering unprecedented excitement and the freedom to make strategic choices. Each player is dealt three cards by the dealer, following an anticlockwise distribution pattern. The primary goal in Teen Patti is to assemble the most potent card combination for a victorious outcome. Before delving into the game, it’s imperative to acquaint oneself with the rules and adopt responsible betting practices for substantial wins. For both beginners and experts, Kheloyar app stands out as an ideal casino betting platform, providing diverse options and invaluable insights to enhance your chances of success. Learning gradually and selecting optimal card combinations are pivotal for a triumphant Teen Patti experience.


In this exciting game, participants wager on the outcome of a small ball spinning in the opposite direction of a revolving wheel, predicting whether it will land in a red or black numbered compartment. Bets are strategically placed on a table corresponding to the wheel’s compartments. Successful gameplay requires the formulation of strategies, comprehensive knowledge of the game, varied bet placements, the ability to discern when to cease betting, emotional restraint, and an emphasis on enjoyment.

Roulette, a beloved choice among casino enthusiasts, offers a thrilling experience both in traditional and online formats. With Kheloyar apk download, players select a specific zone and an initial amount to place their bets. The game involves rotating the wheel, with the winning number determining the victor. Accurate predictions result in winnings credited to the player’s casino account, making Roulette a captivating and rewarding casino table game.


Baccarat, also known as baccara, is a popular casino card game featuring two hands, the “player” and the “banker,” engaged in a card-comparing duel. Each round yields three potential outcomes: “player,” “banker,” or a “tie.” The objective in Baccarat is to bet on the hand that will reach a value closest to nine. Nine is the pinnacle, while cards with a ten-value equate to zero, and aces hold a consistent value of one. If the card total surpasses nine for either hand, the count adopts the second digit’s value.

Success in Baccarat hinges largely on luck, with the Banker bet offering a lower house edge and the Tie bet posing as the riskiest choice. Adopting responsible gambling practices, coupled with a comprehension of odds and strategies, can enhance the gaming experience by minimizing losses during a winning streak.


Engage in the thrilling prediction game at Kheloyar app, where the objective is to anticipate the side that will first draw a card matching the “middle” or “joker” card. The dealer places the middle card, and cards are exchanged between the Andar and Bahar sides until a match is revealed. The victorious side is the one that successfully predicts and matches the card.

To enhance your chances of winning at Kheloyar Casino’s Andar Bahar, strategize by betting on the side where the dealer initiates card distribution. This decision is rooted in a logical rationale, as the unique dealing pattern makes it more probable for your winning card to appear on the side that started the game.

Andar Bahar is a game of chance, combining skill and luck for player success. Its rich history has evolved from a locally named traditional game to a widely embraced online gaming sensation. The game unfolds with endless drama, captivating enthusiasts across centuries and online platforms alike.


Dragon Tiger, an online card game by Kheloyar app, emulates baccarat with a unique presentation featuring two key characters: Dragon and Tiger. The gaming table is distinctly split into Dragon and Tiger sides, encouraging players to stake their bets on their preferred faction. The Kheloyar app gaming session kicks off as participants take positions on either side, opting for Dragon, Tiger, or a Tie. Following bet placements, the dealer commences the card dealing process, determining the outcome by the hand with the highest card value. Payouts are then awarded based on the established schedule.

The Dragon Tiger casino game shares similarities with Baccarat, involving the dealing of two cards for individual players—one for the dragon and another for the tiger. Players predict card values, betting on their chosen cards, with the higher-value card securing victory. The Kheloyar apk download provides a diverse range of casino games, complemented by expert opinions for bettors.


Blackjack functions on a house-banking model, where the house incurs losses when players win, and vice versa. In contrast, poker adopts a player-banking format, where the house is neutral to the pot, collecting only a small fee. The transfer of winnings and losses occurs exclusively among players.

In the realm of online casino gaming, Blackjack offers straightforward rules and a laid-back pace. The objective is to achieve 21 points without exceeding this limit, creating a head-to-head dynamic between the dealer and the player. Notably, Blackjack features one of the lowest house edges, providing favorable odds for players. On the other hand, success in Virtual Poker demands mental fortitude. The game requires a sharp analytical mind, an exceptional memory, and heightened focus. Participants engage in strategic confrontations, aiming to assemble the most powerful hand at the table.

Kheloyar App Download – How to Kheloyar Apk?

The mobile version of the website mirrors its desktop counterpart, delivering an equivalent level of user-friendliness for those who prefer betting on the go. Whether using the Android (APK) version or the Kheloyar app download apk, users can effortlessly log in and engage in sports betting or explore dynamic casino games. The application features a user-friendly interface, ensuring easy navigation. Accessing crucial features like games, deposit/withdrawal options, and customer support is seamless from your smartphone. Operating 24/7, the app provides efficient player assistance through an in-app chat function. Enjoy a smooth betting and gaming experience on the intuitive Kheloyar app website and app for hassle-free entertainment.

How To Claim Kheloyar App Online Casino Bonus?

The accessibility and affordability of casino games have markedly increased through the proliferation of free demo games, trial periods, and varied betting limits within online casinos. Furthermore, promotions and bonuses, such as welcome offers, match deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and complimentary spins, enhance the gaming experience and empower players to optimize their funds. 
The Kheloyar app welcome bonus package is inclusive of a 100% bonus on the initial deposit, up to INR 10,000, for sports betting, and a corresponding 100% bonus, up to INR 10,000, exclusively for the casino section. In practical terms, a user depositing 1,000 INR receives an additional 1,000 Indian rupees for cricket and an extra 1,000 Indian rupees for utilizing casino services. 
Utilizing the promo code “Kheloyar app” allows players to secure an extra Rs 2,000. Weekly, users can indulge in a diverse bonus experience, exploring unique bonuses available on different days, with the latest details found on the Promotions tab. For a comprehensive list of ongoing promotions and their respective terms and conditions, visit the Bonuses and Offers page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can reach out to their customer support for more information. As there are plenty of easy ways available to deposit amounts to your account. n Sample Description
Kheloyar app offers more than 3000+ games ranging from cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi, rugby, casino, baseball, soccer, casino, cards, slots, and whatnot.
Download the kheloyar app on your device and just login to start with casino games.