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We are always passionate about cricket betting and dedicated to helping our fellow bettors find the best gambling portals to place their bets. We strive to be the leading cricket betting portal on the Internet, offering the highest quality articles and the best betting tips available online. 

Our team of professional cricket writers and trusted circle of professional bettors produce these tips for free! We also keep an up to date list of sportsbook reviews, so you can be sure that the sites we recommend are ones that we use ourselves. 

Join us on our mission to make the best cricket betting decisions!


Rajesh–is a true master of his craft. With a Master’s in Finance, his analytical skills have been put to great use in his endeavors, particularly in poker and sports betting. For the past 10 years, he has been a consistent winner in both games and now he is devoted to helping others do the same. His passion for the intricacies of these games has made them a lucrative business. When first began, Rajesh handled every aspect of the site himself, and he still takes an active role in every decision made. He is truly devoted to helping others succeed.

As the site grows, the workload increases, and we’ve welcomed additional support from the rest of the team. We are truly grateful for their help and dedication, and we are excited to see what the future holds for our site:


Arjun – We’ve been fortunate to have had him on our team since 2017. His computer genius and expertise with all things advanced on the site have been invaluable. Whenever the site has experienced any issues, we’ve always been able to count on him to get us back up and running quickly. It’s no wonder why we love and appreciate him so much!

Priya – is a busy guy, he’s studying finance full-time, but still finds time to code! He’s been in charge of design and CSS for the last year, and he’s really made a difference – everything looks great and the user experience is top-notch. He’s got some serious magic hands!


Currently, we have a team consisting of two tip writers and one writer who produces content.

Vikram– is a huge cricket fan and never misses a match. He’s been known to stay up all night in anticipation of a big game. He’s a former college cricket player and still plays every Sunday. His years of watching the game have given him a keen eye for patterns and tendencies, which he uses to make predictions. He’s been writing about cricket for three years and has a special interest in discussing cricket pitch characteristics.

Karan– is a veteran in the world of cricket, having joined the team at back in early 2013. He is from India, the center of the biggest craze in the world, and has been following cricket since he was a kid. Karan provides readers with an analysis of all the top-flight cricket matches and predictions on who will come out ahead, as he knows what there is to know about all the biggest teams and players.

Nisha – recently joined to provide helpful betting news and other related information. She has extensive knowledge of the online betting industry and will be sharing promotions, bonuses, news, and more with us. Her expertise in the area will help to improve the quality of the other articles on the site.


If you have any inquiries, they can be directed to the contact page. There, you can fill out a form and the team will get back to you promptly.