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Portland Trail Blazers Select Scoot Henderson with Third Pick in 2023 NBA Draft

The Portland Trail Blazers have selected Scoot Henderson with the third pick of the 2023 NBA Draft. This was expected after the San Antonio Spurs picked center Victor Wembanyama as the first choice overall. The Charlotte Hornets then took Alabama forward Brandon Miller with the second selection, leaving Henderson for the Trail Blazers.

Henderson joins a team with Damian Lillard as the lead guard. Lillard, the most famous Trail Blazer of all time, has requested roster help so the latter part of his career can be spent contending in the playoffs, not representing the team at lottery drawings. Whether Henderson and Lillard can coexist as ball-dominant point guards remains to be seen, but Henderson is expected to develop into a franchise-defining star himself. His value on the trade market should be high, and if he plays well, it will only increase with time. If he plays incredibly well, Lillard himself may end up on the trading block.

Henderson combines elite athleticism and a cerebral approach to lead-guard duties. Buoyed by an explosive first step, Henderson’s film pops from the moment it starts. He effortlessly blows by defenders, powers through contact in the paint, and finishes attempts above the rim. His speed and penchant for getting vertical make him an absolute menace in the open court. Henderson can rise to the cup with a short runway and can do so off of either leg. When he isn’t going for a poster-worthy dunk, he carefully shields the ball with his body to convert contested layups.

Henderson’s downhill scoring ability is more than just pure athleticism, though. He controls the pace the entire way. From carefully timed direction changes to stopping on dime, Henderson is an expert at creating separation. When Henderson isn’t at the rim, he possesses all the mechanics to beat opponents with pull-up jumpers. His dribble-to-shot motion does not waste movement and it punishes defenders that give him too much space around the elbows. Along with his pull-up shot, Henderson has a fluid floater that keeps defenses off balance beyond the restricted area. Outside of one-on-one opportunities, Henderson is a polished pick-and-roll operator. It is rare to watch a teenager that has a firm understanding of their on-court gravity. Henderson constantly stretches opposing defenses to create favorable looks for his teammates. He consistently avoids turnovers and puts the ball on the mark for the roll man in traffic. Henderson’s pick-and-roll prowess matches his isolation talent to form an ideal offensive centerpiece for today’s NBA.

Defensively, Henderson’s long arms and athleticism allow him to cover guards that hold a height advantage. Off the ball, his quickness and leaping ability combine to generate steals and blocks. Along with those physical gifts, Henderson is a relentless competitor. He routinely fights through screens and challenges larger players at the rim.

Henderson’s lack of three-point consistency prevents him from earning the label of a complete package. His outside shooting improved year-over-year in the G League, but it is not a finished product. When his shot isn’t falling from outside, defenses give him space to shoot and clog driving lanes as a result. Henderson’s three-point shooting woes are compounded by his lack of efficiency as a catch-and-shoot option. His high-usage role with the Ignite squad this year did very little to develop his off the ball presence on offense. Inside the arc, Henderson settles for too many midrange shots early in possessions. On defense, he doesn’t have the anchor to keep larger opponents out of the paint when switches occur.

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