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Mexico Liga MX Femenil Football Results – Scorebar


1Guadalajara1714123610+2643G P E G G
2Monterrey1713314616+3042G G E G G
3Tigres UANL1712234813+3538G P E G G
4América1711333716+2136G G E G G
5Tijuana178543425+929P E G E G
6Toluca178272729-226G E P P G
7Pachuca178183525+1025P P G P G
8Cruz Azul177461616025P G G E P
9Pumas UNAM177373036-624G P G P P
10Atlas176562525023P G G G P
11Juárez177192428-422G G P G P
12León176382226-421P G G P P
13Atlético San Luis1770102336-1321G P G G P
14Santos Laguna1761102436-1219P G G G E
15Querétaro1733111631-1512P P P P P
16Puebla1732122038-1811P P E P P
17Mazatlán1732121549-3411G P P P P
18Necaxa1715111235-238P E P P E


1Monterrey1712324615+3139G P G G P
2Tigres UANL1712234813+3538G G E G G
3América1711425114+3737G G P G E
4Guadalajara1711424016+2437P E E G G
5Pachuca1711335424+3036G E G E G
6Juárez178453019+1128G G P E P
7Atlas178452833-528E G G E E
8Tijuana177552328-526G P E P E
9Pumas UNAM176742820+825G G G G E
10Toluca177462326-325P G G E G
11León175482030-1019E G P E P
12Querétaro174671116-518G P E P G
13Atlético San Luis1752102235-1317P P P G P
14Santos Laguna174581936-1717P G E E G
15Cruz Azul172781423-913P P E P P
16Puebla1733111434-2012P P P P G
17Necaxa172015944-356P P G P P
18Mazatlán171115660-544P P P P P

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